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Yellow rattle ‘Springwatch’ 2010

Continue reading… / Posted on 14 March 2010,
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Wildflower diversity linked to the health of bees and other pollinating insects

Continue reading… / Posted on 14 February 2010,
Category: News

Biodiversity is life

Continue reading… / Posted on 01 February 2010,
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Winter wildlife snow shelters

Continue reading… / Posted on 14 January 2010,
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How to get cornfield annual plots to flower again in 2010 - new video

Continue reading… / Posted on 28 October 2009,
Category: Advice

Autumn sowing deadlines

There is still time to sow wild flower and meadow seed mixtures. The current long spell of fine settled weather over much of Britain means that autumn sowings should continue to be possible right through to the end of October.

Continue reading… / Posted on 10 October 2009,
Category: Advice

2009: A Record year for restoring wildflowers to farmland

Continue reading… / Posted on 15 September 2009,
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Scythe beats Strimmer in mowing contest

At the recent scythe festival held in Somerset Simon Damant from Wimpole Hall (NT) near Cambridge demonstrated that a traditional scythe and muscle power could be more than equal to 21st century fossil fuel powered machines.

Continue reading… / Posted on 07 July 2009,
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Heritage wheat and other plant varieties - EC regulations relaxed

Continue reading… / Posted on 01 July 2009,
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Emorsgate's founder marries 'page 3' flower girl

On the 6th June Donald and Jane were joined by family, friends and colleagues to witness and celebrate their marriage.

Continue reading… / Posted on 06 June 2009,
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Wild flower & Scythe training events June and July 2009

Are you looking to increase your knowledge to get more from your wild flower sowings, perhaps with some hands on practical tips on sowing and mowing? If so then the events Emorsgate are running or participating in this summer would be of interest to you.

Continue reading… / Posted on 18 May 2009,
Category: Events

May sowing update

Cornfield annuals sown in March and April have germinated well and are making good progress.

Continue reading… / Posted on 15 May 2009,
Category: Advice

Taming Lush Spring Growth

In our meadows warmer weather combined with April showers has really got the grass growing.

Continue reading… / Posted on 19 April 2009,
Category: Advice

Yellow rattle ‘Springwatch’ 2009

The first yellow rattle seedlings of spring 2009 have germinated in our Norfolk meadows.

Continue reading… / Posted on 06 March 2009,
Category: News

RHS Grassland Characters

Royal Horticultural Societies latest "hair brained" scheme to introduce children to grassland characters using Emorsgate Seeds.

Continue reading… / Posted on 28 October 2008,
Category: News

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