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Experts in producing wild seeds for ecological restoration, agri-environment & wildlife gardening

Emorsgate Seeds: Nurturing Nature's Comeback

We produce wild seeds for ecological restoration and the rejuvenation of nature. Our seed production encompasses approximately 800 acres of land, with half dedicated to single-species crops and the rest including woodlands and meadows for responsible seed harvesting. We can guarantee all of the seed we supply is of wild origin seed, and is completely wild.

We believe in the power of a family structure, and here at Emorsgate Seeds, we’re more than a business; we’re a family on a mission to bring about monumental change. Our work is more than just supplying seeds; it’s about breathing life into restoration projects.

We take pride in helping you put the wild back into the countryside. Our wild seeds come with guaranteed genetic variation, ensuring adaptability to changing environments and climates. With Emorsgate Seeds, you’re not just planting; you’re nurturing the future.

Who Are Emorsgate Seeds?

Emorsgate Seeds is a family business producing wild seeds. Established in 1980 by Donald MacIntyre, and now farming wild seeds on 800 acres, we are the oldest and largest producers of wild seeds in the British Isles. We have held a Royal Warrant for the supply of wild seeds to HRH The Prince of Wales since 2014.

How it Started

Way back in 1980, we collected our first seeds by hand from wastelands in the East End of London, where all manner of interesting “weeds” grow. At the very same time, Dr Terry Wells and colleagues at The Institute for Terrestrial Ecology, Monks Wood, were conducting plot experiments using wild seed. This work resulted in the publication of the first manual on wild grassland creation: “Creating attractive grasslands using native plant species”. Suitably inspired, Emorsgate Seeds was established to provide the seeds that are required for wild grassland creation and restoration.

So, where does that name come from? Well, Emorsgate is a little known corner of the village of Terrington St Clement in Norfolk. It is the spot where we grew our first small crop of wild seeds, with a loan of £2,000.

How it’s Going

Over the years we have gradually improved and expanded our wild seed production, processing and storage facilities. Our method has always been to marry the best of botanical and ecological scientific knowledge with sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural techniques, in a nature friendly way.

Today, we have wild seed farms near Bath in Somerset (on alkaline soils) and near King’s Lynn in Norfolk (on neutral soils) where we have over 800 acres of land in production. We are now able to offer over 250 species of wild flower and grass seed native to the British Isles. This is the widest rang available in the UK. The seed we produce contributes to the restoration and creation of approximately 5,000 acres of wild flower species rich habitat each year.

While the business is still headed by Donald MacIntyre, he is now ably assisted by the next generation of MacIntyre’s and supported, in turn, by a loyal team of skilled employees.

Other Services

As well as producing and selling wild seed, we undertaking research and surveys, providing technical and tailored advice to individuals and organisations.

We designed and made the first meadow brush harvester in 1986. Unlike suction and fan assisted harvesters, our brush harvesters are very kind to invertebrates and the standing hay crop is not damaged. Brush harvesting produces a completely wild, 100% natural, meadow mixture. We offer contract brush harvesting along with seed drying, cleaning, storage and analysis.

Our Comprehensive Offerings

We offer a range of services to support your restoration efforts:

  • Wild Seeds: We offer a diverse selection of wildflower and grass seeds – View our Seeds
  • Consultancy Services: Our experts are available for site visits and comprehensive reports – Learn more
  • Contract Harvesting of Meadows: We take care of the entire process, from harvest to supply, so you can focus on making a difference – Learn more

At Emorsgate Seeds, our commitment is to both nature and your vision. Together, we are creating a world where the wild returns, one seed at a time. Join us in sowing the seeds of change. Embrace the wild with Emorsgate Seeds.