Landscaping and Land Restoration

Wild seeds have been used in landscaping for some time now and many of the flowery verges seen on some of our newer roads are the result of deliberate seeding and careful management.

Wild seeds have many other applications in landscaping. They may be used in parks, golf courses, beside waterways, along pipeline and cable routes, after mineral extraction, for environmental improvement in urban and industrial areas, on rail routes, and in fact almost any situation involving excavation and construction.

Our general recommended seeding rate for mixtures is 4g per square metre (16kg per acre) and this is the optimum seeding rate for most landscaping situations, giving a seed cost of 10-20p per square metre. In comparison with amenity grasses, wild native plants are attractive, well adapted to British conditions, low maintenance and friendly to wildlife.

As with any seeding, it is important to select the species sown, and their origin, to fit in with the nature of the surrounding vegetation. In most landscaping situations a standard mixture of British origin seed will be appropriate, selecting species that are suited to the prevailing soil type, location and conditions. In areas where high quality natural vegetation already exists it may be best to use seed of regional origin, or local origin, or ‘brush-harvest’ truly wild seed from a nearby donor site.