Wild Seed Mixtures

Wild Seed Mixtures to help create natural, diverse, balanced and interesting plant communities.

Emorsgate Seeds: Wild Seed Mixtures

At Emorsgate Seeds, we’ve dedicated over 40 years to perfecting our wildflower and grass seed mixtures. Our mission is to help you create authentic, diverse, and balanced plant communities that breathe life into your landscape. Whether you’re working with bare soil or existing cultivated grass, our meticulously crafted Complete Mixtures contain the secrets to thriving, captivating ecosystems.

Craft Your Vision with Bespoke Mixtures

To help you select the best option for your site we have grouped our mixtures by habitat type. Within some groups there are quite a few options, particularly for meadows and grassland. To refine your choices follow the habitat links and the options will be explained. We hope that you will find within these recommendations a mixture to suit the soil, climate and location of your site.

Bespoke mixture options are available upon request, for orders over 5kg. Please email [email protected] with your enquiry.

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