Our wild flower and grass mixtures have been developed and refined over 30 years to help create natural, diverse, balanced and interesting plant communities on a wide range of soils across Britain.

To help you select the best option for your site we have grouped our mixtures by habitat type. Within some groups there are quite a few options, particularly for meadows and grassland. To refine your choices follow the habitat links and the options will be explained. We hope that you will find within these recommendations a mixture to suit the soil, climate and location of your site.

If you already know the code of a mixture for which you require details please follow the mix code quick links from its group below or type the code into the search box.

Meadow and Grassland

These are perennial mixtures for creating flower rich meadows, pastures and tussock grassland over a range of soil types and conditions.

Wetland and Pond

These mixtures are for soils that are permanently wet, or seasonally under water.

Hedge and Woodland

These early flowering perennial mixtures are composed of species that are tolerant of shade or semi-shade.

Cornfield Annuals

Annual wild flowers for sowing in bare soil, alone or as a first year nurse for meadow and grassland mixtures.

Other Mixtures

Grouped here are mixtures consisting of amenity and agricultural cultivars that may be used to create fine lawns, hard wearing paths, or old fashioned grazing pasture.