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Autumn mowing to restore balance.

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Scythe and Grassland Courses and Events 2018

With the right training in scythe use and sharpening a good scythe is a surprisingly economical and efficient tool for mowing small to modest areas of grassland. Here are some courses and events which can help equip you with the skills you need.

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The plight of the solitary bee

Wild solitary bees are probably the most numerous and efficient pollinators of crops and wild plants. Yet compared to the more conspicuous and well known bumblebees and domesticated honey bees they receive very little attention for the work they do: solitary bees largely go about their business un-noticed.

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Yellow Rattle Springwatch 2018

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Horses, wild flower and herb rich meadows, and buttercups

Diverse flower rich grassland offers grazing animals a naturally healthy and balanced mixed diet which is much closer to the ancient natural grassland these animals evolved to eat.

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Winter Talks

To help alleviate the winter gloom Richard and Donald are each presenting a talk looking forward to spring and summer when wild flowers will once again brighten up our countryside and gardens.

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Sow in snow?

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Native Seed Conference at Kew Gardens

Emorsgate Seeds recently participated in, and presented at, an International Native Seed Conference at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. It is the first conference of its kind in decades (probably since a founding meeting in 1982 when wild seed growing in Britain and Europe, and Emorsgate Seeds, were just starting up).

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Monty Don on Scythes

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Cricklade revisited

We are very pleased to announce the return of one of our most celebrated mixtures: Cricklade North Meadow mixture.

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When is the latest time to sow seeds in spring?

We are often asked to advise on the best time to sow wild flower seed, and what is the latest time in spring you can sow and still expect results?

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Yellow Rattle Springwatch 2017

Yellow rattle germination in meadows "on time" this Spring.

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The ancient art of rake making

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Yellow rattle spring watch 2016

Spring in our open meadows, as marked by the germination of yellow rattle seed, was confirmed on Good Friday March 25th; almost three weeks later than usual.

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Richard’s scythe workshop

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Wild flower and grassland training events 2016

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RSPB Nature's Home magazine feature

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