Erysimum cheiri - Wallflower

(United Kingdom)

Minimum Quantity: 1g

Maximum Quantity: 10g

Seeds per gram: 1000


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  • £ / 10g : £10.00
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Familiar as a spring bedding plant Wallflower is a medium height bushy perennial with large, fragrant flowers consisting of four petals and ranging in colour from sulphur yellow to brick red. The leaves are untoothed and laceolate and the seed pods are long and cylindrical. Flowers from March to June.

Habitat Information

It might seem strange that we include this common garden plant, a native of the eastern Mediterranean, in our seed list. However, Wallflower readily naturalises on cliffs, old walls and rocks where it forms persistent colonies. Grown in medieval times and first noted in the wild as far back as 1548 Wallflower is as much a part of our flora as snowdrops, sweet cicely, common lungwort, hedge cranes-bill and a host of other wild’ plants introduced far more recently. It tolerates poor, thin and dry soils but always requires a warm site preferably in full sun.

Growing Information

Grows readily from seed sown at any time of the year.

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