Alchemilla glabra - Smooth Lady’s-mantle


Minimum Quantity: 1g

Maximum Quantity: 1g

Seeds per gram: 1600


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Smooth or Hairless Lady’s-mantle is an attractive, architectural perennial with palmate lobed basal leaves and sprays of tiny, yellow-green flowers. It is similar to the very familiar garden species but, as its name suggests, the leaves are hairless. Excluding rare or very local lady’s-mantles this is one of three species you might find in a meadow. The other two are Alchemilla xanthochlora and A. filicaulis, but identifying which is which is notoriously tricky and beyond the scope of this web page.

Habitat Information

Smooth Lady’s-mantle is found throughout Scotland, northern England and Wales but is absent south of a line running from the Severn to the Wash. It occurs in a range of neutral, grassy habitats particularly hay meadows and pastures but also on roadsides, banks and mountain ledges and seems to prefer damp soils.

Growing Information

Can be sown at any time of the year but spring might be best if you are sowing into a seed tray.

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