Thalictrum flavum - Common Meadow-rue


Minimum Quantity: 1g

Maximum Quantity: 10g

Seeds per gram: 1000


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Common meadow-rue is a tall, distinctive, and attractive native perennial reaching a height of 1m or more. It has compound, pinnate leaves with wedge-shaped leaflets. The dense masses of small, pale yellow flowers can be seen, on closer inspection, to be made up of tufts of yellow stamens backed by two green bracts. Flowering occurs from July through to September.

Habitat Information

Common meadow-rue is found on a variety of damp habitats including fens, water meadows, ditches and stream sides but always where the soil, or the water that moistens it, is base rich.
The plant is a good nectar source for bees and flies.

Growing Information

In nature seeds germinate in late summer or spring so it is probably best sown in the autumn.

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