Stellaria graminea - Lesser Stitchwort


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Seeds per gram: 14000


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Lesser stitchwort, or grassy stitchwort as it is sometimes called, is a medium height, native perennial with a slightly straggly, four sided, smooth stem and opposite narrow leaves. Leaves and stem are dark green and glossy. The delicate white flowers have five deeply notched petals and numerous stamens with dark red anthers. Flowering occurs from April to August.

Habitat Information

Lesser stitchwort it is native perennial found on damp or free draining soils that are neutral to acidic. It is found on a wide range of grassy habitats including meadows, neglected pastures, woodland rides, heaths, hedge banks and verges. Its ability to regenerate by vegetative means and its partially uses other plants for support are reasons why it can persist in reasonably tall, neglected grasslands although it does best on sites that are cut once a year.

Growing Information

Sow in spring or autumn.

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