Ranunculus acris - Meadow Buttercup


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The tallest and most elegant of our common buttercups, this plant sometimes reaches a height of 90cm. It is distinguishable from the ubiquitous Creeping buttercup by its lower leaves. In both plants the leaves are deeply cut into lobes (normally five in Meadow buttercup and three in Creeping buttercup) but in Creeping buttercup the middle lobes are stalked. The other common buttercup, Bulbous buttercup, is different from both these species in having down-turned sepals (see photograph for Bulbous buttercup). Flowering occurs from April to October.

Habitat Information

This native winter-green perennial is found on most grazed or cut grasslands throughout Britain, but has a preference for moist soils and is sometimes replaced by Bulbous buttercup on drier sites. This can be clearly seen on some old ridge and furrow grasslands where Bulbous buttercup is found growing on the ridges and Meadow buttercup in the furrows.

Growing Information

Easily established from seed sown in the autumn or spring.

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