Lathyrus nissolia - Grass Vetchling

United Kingdom

Minimum Quantity: 1g

Maximum Quantity: 1g

Seeds per gram: 100


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Grass vetchling is a tall, erect annual with and angled stem to about 90cm. When in flower this striking plant is easy to identify, as it is the only member of the pea family with long narrow leaves (actually pseudo-leaves) so grass like that, when not in flower, it can be a real challenge to pick it out from the surrounding grass.
The crimson-pink flowers are held solitarily or in pairs on long stalks from May to July.

Habitat Information

Grass vetchling is a native annual of open and often disturbed grasslands particularly chalk and chalky clay soils. Habitats include grassy banks, roadside verges, woodland rides and coastal grasslands

Growing Information

Easy to grow from seed but germination can take some time due to hard coat dormancy. A light scarification can aid in speeding up germination.

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