Orobanche minor - Common Broomrape


Minimum Quantity: 1g

Maximum Quantity: 1g

Seeds per gram: 100000


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  1. Description

Common Broomrape is a perennial parasitic plant which has no need of its own chlorophyll. The plant therefore does not contain any green matter and gains its nutrients from host plants. It appears in a number of colours from red-brown, yellow-brown to purple. This variability of the plant can make its identification difficult.

Habitat information

It is the UK’s most common and widespread Broomrape, most frequently found in the South of England. It is found in grassland, parasitic on a broad range of species such as the Fabaceae (Pea), Asteraceae (Daisy) and Trifolium (Clover) families.

Growing information

The seed is dust-like, containing approximately 100,000 seeds/g so should be mixed with dry sand and sprinkled amongst existing host plants in your grassland.

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