Clinopodium vulgare - Wild Basil


Minimum Quantity: 1g

Maximum Quantity: 1g

Seeds per gram: 2500


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Wild basil is a member of the dead-nettle family characterised by their square stems and flowers with joined petals arranged in two lips. In the genus to which Wild basil belongs the upper lip is two lobed and the lower one three lobed. The plant has pinkish purple flowers and is in flower from July until September. It is a short to medium height plant with numerous usually unbranched stems forming clumps. The leaves are oval and slightly toothed.

Habitat Information

Wild basil is characteristic of dry calcareous soils. It is good at colonizing open ground and then holding its own against competition so long as it is not subject to too much disturbance. It can therefore be found on sites such as quarries, waste ground, dune slacks and also coarse scrubby grassland, woodland margins and hedgerows.

Growing Information

Probably best sown in the autumn.

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