Poa nemoralis - Wood Meadow-grass (Ag)

Minimum Quantity: 100g

Maximum Quantity: 10,000g

Seeds per gram: 4000


  • £ / 1g :  —
  • £ / 10g :  —
  • £ / 100g : £12.00
  • £ / 1,000g : £28.00
  • £ / 10,000g : £258.00
Quantity (grams)
100 - 999
£0.12 per gram
1000 - 9999
£0.03 per gram
£0.03 per gram
× Poa nemoralis - Wood Meadow-grass (Ag)


Wood meadow-grass is a short to medium perennial grass. It’s delicate flat green leaves grow in short tufts which do not spread by creeping. Its flowering stems may reach 60cm with open often nodding branched heads.

Habitat Information

Wood meadow-grass can be found growing in woodland rides and glades, hedgerows and other semi-shaded places on a wide range of soil types.

Growing Information

Wood meadow-grass can be sown at any time of year when conditions are suitable.

Wood meadow-grass is of most use for sowing in semi-shaded situations. On its own it is slow to develop and does not provide complete ground cover. With its tolerance of shade however can make a useful contribution to ground cover in difficult conditions when sown as part of a mix of other grasses.

Wood meadow-grass is not a productive grass and would contribute very little for grazing or for mowing as hay. As a component of lawns it is more tolerant of shade than many grasses, but not particularly tolerant of wear or intensive close mowing; light infrequent mowing to create short informal ground cover is likely to be more successful in such circumstances.