Local seed and ecotype choices

For each order Emorsgate endeavor to supply seed stocks that are as closely matched in type and origin as possible to the intended use.

To be certain that the wild flower and wild grass seed we offer for sale through our website and by mail order is genuinely wild we collect stock seed ourselves from wild plant populations around Britain. These stocks are then grown as seed crops on our farms in Norfolk and in Somerset.

We now hold a large collection of species collected from a wide range of sites and locations. Using this resource we aim to be able to offer representative forms and ecotypes of all the species we sell. As a result the seeds we offer individually and in mixtures are generally appropriate for sowing throughout the British Isles.

Realistically however, as seed growers, we can only ever hope to offer a very small fraction of the rich diversity that makes up British flora. We will never be in a position to offer, off the shelf, mixtures in which all the components are precisely matched to each individual location or habitat.

Practical Options for intended use

The intended application of wild seed will have a great bearing on the appropriate choice of seed stocks: factors such as the scheme objectives, its location and the proximity to any sites of botanical or conservation interest or sensitivity.

For most general landscape applications we believe that British native wild origin flowers in combination with wild origin grasses and some appropriate amenity grass varieties offer the most suitable, and economic solution and is the basis on which our mixtures are formulated.

For conservation projects, where origin is a high priority, we can offer a range of alternative options and strategies and would be pleased to offer advice or mixture suggestions tailored to your particular requirements.

Options can include:

The full range of options with regard to seed origin are discussed in more detail in the associated pages. Wild flower seed origin and grass seed origin options are outlined on separate pages as the issues that influence choices differ in some respects.



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