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Emorsgate Seeds is a family business producing wild seeds. Established in 1980 by Donald MacIntyre, and now farming wild seeds on 800 acres, we are the oldest and largest producers of wild seeds in the British Isles. We have held a Royal Warrant for the supply of wild seeds to HRH The Prince of Wales since 2014.

Mark Schofield

Way back in 1980, we collected our first seeds by hand from wastelands in the East End of London, where all manner of interesting “weeds” grow. At the very same time, Dr Terry Wells and colleagues at The Institute for Terrestrial Ecology, Monks Wood, were conducting plot experiments using wild seed. This work resulted in the publication of the first manual on wild grassland creation: “Creating attractive grasslands using native plant species”. Suitably inspired, Emorsgate Seeds was established to provide the seeds that are required for wild grassland creation and restoration.