Long House Farm

Case Study: Meadow Creation at Long House Farm, Somerset

The Client:

Long House Farm, owned by Lindsay Suenson-Taylor, was previously a commercial mixed farm specialising in growing wheat and barley. Over the years the farm has undergone significant transformation, starting in the 1990s when the government introduced the “Set-aside” scheme. This initiative aimed to halt cereal cultivation, pesticide use, and encourage the natural reversion of land to permanent grassland. On this transformational journey, the farm owner sought a partner to provide wild flower seed and help navigate these changes.

The Problem:

The challenge lay in transitioning the land from traditional arable and intensively grazed land to the establishment of permanent flower-rich grassland while promoting biodiversity. The project required a source of high-quality, locally sourced seeds in line with a conservation plan provided by Natural England. 

How We Helped:

Emorsgate Seeds supplied brush-harvested seed that had been harvested directly from established wild flower meadows in the region, that aligned perfectly with the farm’s conservation goals. The mixture the Client chose was EM18 St Catherine Meadow Mixture.

What followed was a remarkable resurgence of biodiversity, attracting pollinators, marbled white butterflies, meadow brown butterflies, crickets, ladybirds, damselflies, and more. This vibrant ecosystem stood as a testament to the success of the conservation efforts.

What the Client said:

“I’d like very much to carry on working with Emorsgate Seeds. There’s no reason I don’t think why the meadows can’t get more and more flowery as time goes on.”

Our Comprehensive Offerings

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