Avon Wildlife Trust

Case Study: Partnership with Avon Wildlife Trust at Folly Farm

The Client:

Avon Wildlife Trust is responsible for the management of around 30 nature reserves within the old Avon area, and one of its flagship reserves is Folly Farm, spanning approximately 250 acres. This diverse reserve hosts a variety of habitats, making it an essential location for conservation efforts.

The Problem:

At Folly Farm, Avon Wildlife Trust faced the challenge of enhancing biodiversity and species rich habitats in specific areas of the farm as part of the B-Lines Project. The B-Lines project aims to create wide strips of permanent wild flower-rich habitats that link existing wildlife areas together to create a network for wildlife. The key issue was how to acquire local seed to facilitate the creation and restoration of wild flower meadows across the farm and the wider area. 

How We Helped:

Emorsgate Seeds introduced a brush harvesting technique that allowed for the extraction of seeds without harm to the hay crop. This approach provided access to local seed varieties, facilitating the improvement of biodiversity in other parts of the farm. The seed harvested can also be used by partners in the wider area. This partnership not only demonstrates a commitment to building a strong, long-term relationship for future conservation projects.

Emorsgate Seeds is renowned in the conservation community for its pioneering work in meadow harvesting and conservation. They possess specialised machinery designed for large meadows, and their commitment goes beyond conventional equipment; they have even developed their own innovative machinery for unique projects like Folly Farm.

What Avon Wildlife Trust said:

“Emorsgate Seeds are a great firm to work with. They supply great quality seeds for conservation projects and I really recommend them.”

Our Comprehensive Offerings

We offer a range of services to support your restoration efforts:

  • Wild Seeds: We offer a diverse selection of wildflower and grass seeds – View our seeds.
  • Consultancy Services: Our experts are available for site visits and comprehensive reports – Learn more.
  • Contract Harvesting of Meadows: We take care of the entire process, from harvest to supply, so you can focus on making a difference.

At Emorsgate Seeds, our commitment is to both nature and your vision. Together, we are creating a world where the wild returns, one seed at a time.