Cirsium eriophorum – Woolly Thistle

At up to 1.5m tall and with a flower head 7cm across Woolly thistle is our tallest and most impressive native thistle. Apart from its size it can also be recognized by its reddish purple flower backed by a large globular head of spiny bracts covered in woolly hairs. Flowering occurs throughout July to September.

Type Seeds per gram Origin Ordering
Grassland Perennial 110 Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire Order this species


Habitat Information
Woolly thistle is a tall, native perennial of limestone, chalk or lime rich clays. Usually found on dry, neglected habitats such as un-grazed grasslands, open scrub or woodland edges it can occasionally by found on more disturbed ground such as quarry sites.

Growing Information
Can be sown any time of the year.



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