Chaenorhinum minus – Small Toadflax

Small Toadflax is an often overlooked, somewhat straggly cornfield annual. However, a closer look will reveal attractive and delicate little snapdragon like flowers with short spurs and a small opening at the mouth. The flowers vary from pale purple to white and sometimes they are bicoloured with the upper lobes being pale purple and the lower lobes being white. The leaves are alternate, narrow with a single midrib and covered in glandular hairs. Flowering occurs throughout June and July.

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Habitat Information

Small Toadflax is a widespread but declining spring-germinating annual found in arable fields and open, disturbed ground particularly on light, calcareous soils.  Agricultural intensification and the increased use of fertilisers is probably the reason for its decline.


Growing Information

Seed in the wild germinates in the spring so is likely to require a period of chilling to break dormancy. Sow in autumn on a light, limey soil.




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