Silene conica – Sand Catchfly

Sand Catchfly is a diminutive but attractive member of the campions. The whole plants stands about 10 – 20cm high with a branched stem and grey-green leaves. The flowers are small (about 6-7mm in diameter) and intensely pink but the plant’s most distinctive feature is its inflated calyx marked out with dark green stripes and giving rise to its other common name of Striated Catchfly.

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Silene conica2

Habitat Information

In coastal locations sand catchfly is a found on stabilised dunes and sandy shingles and inland its most often associated with free-draining sandy soils at the edge of arable fields, on tracks through heathland and on waste ground. It is an uncommon and declining species found mainly along the coasts in East Anglia and the south east, along the shores of the Bristol channel and in Breckland, with a few scattered populations elsewhere. 
Sand catchfly in a native annual that flowers profusely from early May to late June but only sets large amounts of seed following a hot summer.

Growing Information

Easily grown from seed sown at any time of the year.  Can be added to a cornfield or roof mix.



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