Geranium lucidum – Shining Crane's-bill

Shining Crane’s-bill is one of several species of low growing annual crane’s-bills. This native can be distinguished from the rest by its upright, almost hairless stem and its glossy, kidney shaped leaves. Another diagnostic feature is the five erect and edged sepals that back the bright pink flower, as shown on the photograph in the side panel on the right. Although this common, diminutive plant is often overlooked when looked at closely it is quite attractive with its bright flowers and shinning foliage. In flower from May to July.

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Grassland annual 1000 Somerset Order this species

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Habitat Information

Shining Crane's-bill is a native annual of bare open ground particularly on calcareous soils. Its natural habitat is rocky outcrops and scree slopes but is now widespread on manmade habitats such as mortared walls, gravelled roads, railway ballast and waste ground.

Growing Information

Sow at any time of the year. Speed of germination can be increased following a light scarification.


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