Geranium pyrenaicum – Hedgerow Crane's-bill

There is some debate as to whether this species is a relative newcomer to the British Isles or a native those population and range has expanded within the last 200 years. Which ever it is it is now a familiar plant through much of the southern half of the country. Hedgerow Crane’s-bill is an attractive plant growing to a hight of 60cm and with mauve-pink flowers consisting of 5 deeply notched petals. Unlikely to be mistaken for any other Crane’s-bill except, possibly, for Geranium molle but that is smaller with pinker flowers. Flowers from June to August.

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Grassland Perennial 600 Somerset Order this species



Habitat Information

As the common name suggests Hedgerow Crane's-bill is most frequently associated with hedgerows but can also be found in grassy banks, waste ground and field edges. It grows on a range of soil types but prefers free draining, neutral soils.

Growing Information

Sow at any time of the year. Speed of germination can be increased following a light scarification.




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