Lapsana communis – Nipplewort

Nipplewort is one of a large number of British native species to have yellow, dandelion like flowers but it can be distinguished from the rest by the lack of pappus (the feathery parachute of dandelion seed). Nipplewort is a handsome annual or short lived perennial growing to a little over 1m high with a much branched, leafy stem. The flower heads are arranged in a loose panicle and bloom from July to September. Each ‘flower’ is a slightly pale yellow and consist of between 8 – 15 pale yellow rayed florets (petals).

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Grassland Perennial 2000 Oxfordshire Order this species


Habitat Information

Nipplewort is a British native most often associated with disturbed soils in shaded locations. It can be found on a wide range of soil types and can be found in habitats such as hedgerows, scrub and open woodlands plus road verges and the edges of cultivated ground.

Growing Information

Can be grown from seed sown at any time of the year. A small proportion of the seed may remain dormant in the soil for some time.


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