Agrostis castellana – Highland Bent

Highland bent in form, appearance and amenity use, is almost identical to Common bent. Indeed both were formerly described and used interchangeably in the seed trade as 'Browntop bent' - Agrostis tenuis. They are now recognised as the two separate species A.castellana (Highland) and A.capillaris (common). The origin of this widely used commercial bent variety 'Highland' is uncertain; possibly Mediterranean via the USA.

Type Seeds per gram Origin Ordering
Grassland Perennial 15000 Amenity Order this species

Habitat Information

Like our native common bent 'Highland' bent will grow on a wide range of soils both damp and dry and from neutral to acidic. It is however not a British native so most likely to be found in amenity grassland in verges, parks and gardens.

Growing Information

Highland bent seed can be sown at any time of the year when soil conditions are suitable. Having very small seed, germination and development of ground cover can be slow at first, and is best sown in a mix with other grasses.

Highland bent like other bents responds well to frequent close mowing or grazing spreading out to form a low dense sward.  It is to some extent hardier and more vigorous than common bent, and maintains its green colour in a lawn better through winter.  For these reasons it is a useful practical grass for creating lawns and other amenity applications complimenting common bent in a mix.

Whilst Highland bent functionally grows similarly to common bent in meadow grassland with wild flowers, the fact that it is not British native, and also a bit more competitive means that it is not appropriate for this purpose and so does not feature in any Emorsgate meadow mixtures. Our use of this mix is confined to practical amenity mixtures.


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