Rumex acetosella – Sheep's Sorrel

Sheep’s sorrel is a native perennial, which looks a little like Common sorrel but is smaller (to 20cm) and more slender and the lobes of its arrow shaped leaves spread sideways and not backwards. Our plants belong to the more common and widespread subspecies Rumex acetosella ssp. pyrenaicus.

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Grassland Perennial 2500 Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire, Suffolk Order this species


Habitat Information
Sheep's sorrel is a plant of dry, well drained and relatively infertile habitats, usually on non-calcareous soils. It is found in habitats including grasslands, heaths, dunes and shingle beaches where the vegetation is short and open either through disturbance such as grazing or environmental conditions like drought. Where foliage can grow higher it is easily dominated and lost.

Sheep's sorrel is an important food plant for the caterpillars of the small copper butterfly.

Growing Information
Seed can be sown any time of the year.



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