Reseda lutea – Wild Mignonette

Wild mignonette is a clump-forming native biennial or short lived perennial with conical spikes of small, unscented, green-yellow flowers. The leaves are a pale yellow green, pinnate and with a wavy edge.

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Grassland Perennial 2000 Somerset, Yorkshire Currently unavailable


Habitat Information
Wild mignonette can be found on a variety of open habitats on well drained soils including quarries, waste ground, road verges and embankments but is probably most at home on disturbed calcareous grasslands and fixed dunes.

Mignonette produces large amounts of seed which has the ability to remain viable in the soil for a long time. For the next generation to become established the sward needs to be disturbed. This may not happen for tens of years, however when it does the seed is there ready to germinate and so plants can re-appear following many years of absence.

The spikes of small flowers are an excellent source of pollen and nectar for butterflies and bees.

Growing Information
Easily grown from seed sown at any time of the year.


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