Ranunculus arvensis – Corn Buttercup

Corn buttercup is a cornfield annual which grows to about 50cm high and has deeply cut stem leaves and relatively small lemon yellow flowers. The most characteristic feature of this plant are the large, prickly achenes (seeds) quite unlike those of any other buttercup found on the British mainland (Ranunculus muricatus found on the Isles of Scilly are similar but its leaves are not deeply divided). Flowers from early May to late June.

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Cornfield annual 25 Oxfordshire Order this species


Habitat Information
Corn buttercup was originally introduced into Britain at least as far back as Roman times. It was formerly widespread and locally common but has declined rapidly since the introduction of modern broad-spread herbicides. Corn buttercup is almost entirely restricted to arable land and is found on loamy, sandy, chalky and, most particularly, heavy clay soils.

Growing Information
Best sown in the autumn as seed germinates throughout the autumn and winter.



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