Alisma plantago-aquatica – Water-plantain

A tall (up to 1m) perennial with small pale lilac flowers that open from midday to evening. The leaves are broad lanceolate and rounded at the base. The fruits form in a close ring.

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Waterside perennial 100 Norfolk, Shropshire Order this species plantago-aquatica.jpg

Habitat Information

Water-plantain is commonly found on the margins of ponds and ditches. Its basal leaves are prone to being shaded out by taller plants so it tends to exploit habitats subject to disturbance either in the form of fluctuating water levels or physical disturbance such as ditch clearance.

Growing Information

Water-plantain grows readily from seed and can be sown at any time. Establishment should be easy but its persistence in stable sites might become problematic as other species develop. However as seed production is prolific and as this seed can remain dormant in the soil it is likely to return if and when vegetation is cleared. Water-plantain can be added to EP1.


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