Prunella vulgaris – Selfheal

Selfheal is a short, creeping grassland perennial with a square stem and bright green oval leaves, borne in opposite pairs. The flowers are violet, hooded and two lipped and are arranged into a dense slightly oblong head. Flowering is from June to September.

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Prunella vulgaris in grassland

Habitat Information
A native plant found commonly throughout the British Isles.
Selfheal is found on a wide range of grasslands such as meadows, pasture, lawns, roadsides and woodland clearings but has a particular affinity for moist, moderately fertile neutral or calcareous soils. A short rather slow growing plant it is often dominated by taller vegetation but can persist due to its tolerance of moderate shade. However it can be lost if this tall vegetation is not cut back and removed at the end of the season. In contrast, on short swards such as lawns and pastures Selfheal can become abundant, spreading by vegetative means to form large patches. In common with many plants of the deadnettle family Selfheal is particularly attractive to bees.

Growing Information
Sow at any time of the year. Within grasslands vegetative expansion can be enhanced by autumn scarification or introducing grazing stock.



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