Pastinaca sativa – Wild Parsnip

Wild parsnip is a tall, native biennial with yellow flowers, rough hairs on the stem and leaves and has a pungent smell when crushed. It is our only member of the carrot family that has yellow flowers with pinnate leaves. Flowering occurs from June to September.

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Grassland Perennial 230 Norfolk Order this species

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Habitat Information
Wild parsnip is a plant of neutral and calcareous grassland found in rank swards on downland, on verges, and rough and uncultivated land. Its mass of simple, open flowers is attractive to a wide range of insects, particularly hoverflies and various types of beetle such as Red-headed cardinal-beetle - Pyrochroa serraticornis as shown in the photograph above.

Growing Information
Best sown in the autumn but can be sown throughout the year.



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