Wild Grasses and Sedges

All the wild grass seed stocks we offer originate from wild plant populations in Britain. With a few exceptions the seed we offer has been crop grown from these stocks on our own farms near King's Lynn and Bath.

In our lists we have used the Latin names given in Stace, (2019), ‘New Flora of the British Isles', Edition 4.

The identification of grasses is quite technical and beyond the scope of this web site so only a general description is given. Good reference books are the classic ‘Grasses' by C.E. Hubbard, published by Penguin and the new ‘Grasses of the British Isles' published by the Botanical Society of the British Isles.

Seed is sold by weight and any quantity may be ordered. The price is calculated from the weight bracket that the quantity falls into.

Please be aware that if you require only a few grams of a species it is often more cost effective to order 10g.

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  Latin name Common name £/kg £/100g £/10g £/1g
Agrostis capillaris
Common Bent (w)
£80.00 £12.00 £8.00 £3.00
Agrostis stolonifera
Creeping Bent (w)
Currently unavailable
Agrostis vinealis
Brown Bent (w)
£140.00 £15.40 £8.00 £3.00
Alopecurus geniculatus
Marsh Foxtail (w)
- £17.60 £8.00 £3.00
Alopecurus pratensis
Meadow Foxtail (w)
Currently unavailable
Anthoxanthum odoratum
Sweet Vernal-grass (w)
£200.00 £22.00 £8.00 £3.00
Arrhenatherum elatius
False Oat-grass (w)
Currently unavailable
Avenella flexuosa - (Deschampsia flexuosa)
Wavy Hair-grass (w)
Currently unavailable
Brachypodium sylvaticum
False Brome (w)
£105.00 £19.80 £8.00 £3.00
Briza media
Quaking Grass (w)
£150.00 £16.50 £8.00 £3.00
Bromopsis erecta
Upright Brome (w)
£80.00 £12.00 £8.00 £3.00
Bromus commutatus
Meadow Brome (w)
Currently unavailable
Bromus hordeaceus
Soft Brome (w)
£60.00 £10.00 £8.00 £3.00
Carex flacca
Glaucous Sedge
£240.00 £25.40 £8.00 £3.00
Carex pendula
Pendulous Sedge
- £30.80 £8.00 £3.00
Cynosurus cristatus
Crested Dogstail (w)
£80.00 £12.00 £8.00 £3.00
Dactylis glomerata
Cocksfoot (w)
Currently unavailable
Deschampsia cespitosa
Tufted Hair-grass (w)
£70.00 £12.00 £8.00 £3.00
Festuca ovina
Sheep's Fescue (w)
- £12.00 £8.00 £3.00
Festuca rubra
Red Fescue (w)
Currently unavailable
Festuca rubra ssp litoralis
Red Fescue (w)
£40.00 £12.00 £8.00 £3.00
Helictochloa pratensis - (Avenula pratensis)
Meadow Oat-grass (w)
Currently unavailable
Hordeum secalinum
Meadow Barley (w)
Currently unavailable
Koeleria macrantha
Crested Hair-grass (w)
Currently unavailable
Lolium perenne
Perennial Ryegrass (w)
£20.00 £10.00 £8.00 £3.00
Luzula campestris
Field Wood-rush
Currently unavailable
Phleum bertolonii
Smaller Cat's-tail (w)
£90.00 £10.00 £8.00 £3.00
Phragmites australis
Common Reed
Currently unavailable
Schedonorus arundinaceus - (Festuca arundinacea)
Tall Fescue (w)
- £12.00 £8.00 £3.00
Trisetum flavescens
Yellow Oat-grass (w)
£220.00 £24.20 £8.00 £3.00