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This book 'Learn to scythe' is a clear, concise and well illustrated guide that explains step by step the key skills needed to mow successfully with a scythe.


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This book was written and first published in 2015 by experienced UK scythe instructor Steve Tomlin; revised and reprinted 2021.

It follows the scythe course structure developed by Steve and members of the scythe association and so is recommended reading for anyone who has been on, or is thinking of attending, a scythe course.

Tomlin book inside

This book covers the three essential components of learning to scythe:


  • Getting to know your scythe and setting it up correctly in chapters 1 - 4
  • Keeping sharp - honing and scythe maintenance in chapters 6,7 & 10
  • Techniques for efficient mowing in chapters 5,8 & 9


Book contents:

  1. Introducing the scythe
  2. Mowing words
  3. Choice of blade
  4. Setting up your scythe
  5. Ergonomic mowing
  6. Honing the edge
  7. Peening continental scythe blades
  8. Organising your mowing
  9. Scythe safety
  10. Looking after your scythe