Traditional Wooden Hay Rake

A traditional wooden hay rake made from ash and silver birch. This is the classic design for raking and turning hay, they are also useful for a range of general tasks such as clearing up fallen leaves and raking gravel.


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£ £40.00

Note:  Due to changes in terms from courier services for large packages we have regrettably had to increase the mail order price for rakes from 2017.

Carriage charges now make up a significant part of the cost of rakes.  If you wish to order more than one rake or are able to collect as we can offer discounts -please contact for details.

Please note that due to their awkward size, these rakes will take a day or two longer to be delivered than other items.  The courier's automated messaging system does not have provision for this so you may receive a message saying your rake has been delivered when in fact it has just reached the delivery depot.  Please be patient as it should be delivered the day after the message is received.

The rake head is 78cm wide with 16 x 8cm tines(teeth) spaced 4.7cm apart. The overall length with handle is 182cm (6ft). Weight 1.4kg

These rakes are made by Rudd’s rakes in Cumbria, the last commercial rake makers in Britain.

The Rudd family have been making their rakes for over 100 years, all their rakes are hand made and finished in their small workshop in in Dufton, near Appleby. Their rakes are made with an ash handle and head plus a steam bent bow for strength.  The pegs are made from silver birch. To see a video about Rudd's rake making see

Traditional wooden rake 01