Complete two blade scythe set

We recommend this two blade combination as it gives you maximum flexibility in the types of vegetation and terrain you can confidently mow. Your finer 'Profisense' blade can be reserved for meadows and lawns and the more robust 'Styria' ditch blade used in tough vegetation and over difficult terrain. Having a second more forgiving blade means you can use it to practice peening on. It also means you have a blade you can let a friend 'have a go' on without risking your best blade!


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Each set includes:

Two scythe blades:

Profisense 75cm grass blade: best for meadows, lawns and soft weeds

Styria short 55cm ditch blade: best for tough grass and weeds and young brambles.

Adjustable wooden snath

A lightweight snath (handle) with strong ash shaft and hand grips. The position of the hand grips are simple to adjust to match the height and preference of individual mowers. Blade removal and replacement for maintenance or storage takes less than a minute.

Note: Available in two main sizes: Size 2 (5ft - 5ft 9 in tall) & Size 3 ( 5 ft 9 - 6 ft 3in tall) please remember to state your height or size choice in the special instructions box after placing your order. Do contact us if you are unsure.

Tool kit

scythe tool kit 2016

Mailander whetstone - fine grit natural riven sandstone. Will produce a good working edge to your blade; ideal for honing in the field.

Synthetic whetstone - coarse silicon carbide grit, For preparing and profiling blade edges. It will get the blade moderately sharp, with a rough slightly serrated edge; good enough for topping weeds (eg with your ditch blade).

Peening Jig - a tool used to reshape the primary bevel of the blade edge when it has been worn back through repeated use of the whetstones. The jig pinches the metal at the very edge of the blade which is then struck with a hammer (not supplied) to thin out the metal.

Oregon flat chainsaw file - Used for filing out cracks, dents, tears and bumps that may appear in the blade. Also useful for re-profiling the primary beveled edge of the blade as an (less effective) alternative to peening.

Garryflex rubberized sanding block, medium grit - much the best tool for cleaning rust and gunge off your scythe blade in preparation for peening.

Allen key & wooden wedge (for adjusting blade angle), galvanised metal whetstone holder.

Each kit includes a 28 page A4 instruction pack called Notes on the Use of the Austrian Scythe.

Learn to scythe

We also offer a book 'Learn to Scythe' which you can order separately. see scythe book for details.

Tomlin book inside

Scythe Courses To get the best from your scythe we strongly advise joining one of the many scythe courses being a offered by enthusiasts around the country. These courses are great fun (especially those associated with scythe festivals) and will save you much frustration and possibly grief from damaging your blade from incorrect use.

We are happy to offer advice on scythes and meadow management with scythes.

Individual or group tutorial sessions can also be arranged here in Norfolk.

Contact us to discuss you requirements or any questions you have before ordering your scythe.

ps. Dont forget to let us know your height when ordering.