With the right training in scythe use and sharpening a good scythe is a surprisingly economical and efficient tool for mowing small to modest areas of grassland.

(see scything for more on this)

The scythes we recommend come from Austria. They are lightweight precision tools with beautifully crafted hand-forged blades.

The sets we offer include the combination of blades and equipment we have found most suited to mowing wild flower meadows.

We recommend purchasing the two blade combination as this equips you for a wider range of tasks from lawns through to tough weeds.

We also offer single blade sets with either of the two blades described below.

The two blades featured in the sets are:

Profisense 75cm grass blade

Best for meadows, lawns and soft weeds. A fine quality blade with a profile ideally suited to mowing wild flower meadows. Having a longer blade it is important to maintain its fine sharp edge so that it cuts cleanly with minimum effort. Whilst the profisense is a strong blade capable of mowing bracken nettles and young brambles these tasks (which can spoil a fine edge) are perhaps best left for the ditch blade.



Styria short 55cm ditch blade

Best for tough grass, weeds and young brambles. This more robust blade with a re-inforced tip is useful in situations where occasional damage from stumps rocks bottles and other hidden obstacles is more likely for example on road verges, ditches and waste ground. The shorter blade is also good for close mowing in confined spaces between trees, fruit bushes, narrow paths or along fencelines.


Each set includes a tool kit for sharpening and maintaing the blades and a printed guide to setting up and getting mowing.



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