Tools & Equipment

Over the years we have acquired a number of specialised tools which we believe are invaluable for creating or managing small to medium sized wildflower projects.

These are tools which enable completion of management tasks which our customers tell us they find difficult using the general equipment available to them locally.

We are now making these selected tools available to purchase through our website as we believe that having access to the right type and quality of equipment can sometimes make the difference between success and failure of projects using our seeds.

Seed Broadcasters

A hand cranked seed spreader suitable for broadcasting wild flower and grass seed mixtures on areas of 1000m2 to 1ha or more per day.


Hay rakes are light weight tools with a long history of use for turning and gathering hay by hand with minimum effort. Traditional hay rakes were produced from ash by coppice workers. The Chelwood rake we offer is a copy of this traditional design but uses plastic for the head which, as well as being very lightweight, is strong enough for a range of tasks including working soil. Note: Due to changes in terms from courier services for large packages we have regrettably had to increase the mail order price for rakes from 2017. Carriage charges now make up a significant part of the cost of rakes. If you wish to order more than one rake or are able to collect as we can offer discounts -please contact for details.


A well sharpened scythe is still the best tool for mowing small meadows. If you find it difficult to persuade your local farmer or contractor to cut your hay because your field is too small, and domestic mowers and strimmers are not up to the job, then a scythe is definitely worth considering.

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