Wild flower seed origin options

The following notes explain our practical policy of matching origin to use and the additional options that may be available.  (The sections are numbered to make it easier to refer to these options in any correspondence or requests you may put to us).


1.1 General All the wild flower seed stocks we offer originate from wild plant populations in Britain. The wild plant communities we collect from are botanically  diverse and matched to the habitats for which we expect ours seed to be sown (eg meadows). With a few exceptions the seed we sell has been grown from these stocks on our farms near King's Lynn and Bath. For each of the species we sell (as individual items or as components in our mixtures) we publish the county from which our principal wild stock seed was first collected.

1.2 'Local origin' For some species we have stocks available from more than one county origin.

1.21 Where we can, we try to use the most appropriate seed stocks matched by habitat and region when mixing batches of seed for special projects and mixtures. In practice whilst we now have almost 1000 collections from all parts of the UK, for most orders to mix a comprehensive range of species we will need to use some 'local stocks' and some from other UK regions. The selection of stocks for these orders will be determined (by us) subject to availability and choice in our stores at the time of ordering.

Where there is a particular requirement that the seeds for a scheme be of matched origin by habitat or region' for example when sowing near to botanically sensitive sites, there are two options:
• 1.22 We can make collections from your locality and grow these seeds on contract on our farms. This process requires a lead time of 2-5 years. We are happy to quote for this service; as a guide seeds produced on a reasonable scale in this way cost on average twice our standard list price.
• 1.23 We can allocate existing stocks from our collections or crops to your project, increasing dedicated production of key stocks (where lead times allow). As a guide special origin orders cost an additional 50% on top of the standard list price reflecting the smaller scale productivity and limited availability of these stocks. Special origin seeds may be reserved by placement of an order and payment of a reservation fee (terms and quotes available on request).

For example: we have supplied locally collected seeds grown on contract for the Baldock bypass in Hertfordshire, and for Samphire Hoe in Kent (part of the channel tunnel construction project). We can offer mixtures for the Pennine dales using seed origins from meadows in Yorkshire, Co Durham and Northumberland, or mixtures using stocks from the Cotswolds.

1.3 Agricultural varieties of legume and flower species where available are usually of non British origin and the result of a long history of cultivated plant breeding selection. They differ from the corresponding wild forms, usually being more robust, vigorous and showing poor long term persistence. The exception to this is the variety 'Kent wild white clover' but this species is of limited application in wild flower mixes. WE DO NOT USE THESE VARIETIES IN OUR WILD FLOWER OR MEADOW MIXTURES.