Each bag of wild seed we send out carries locked within it great potential waiting for release. Every handful of seed that is sown onto fresh ground creates a chance for the realisation of that potential: for increased diversity, for colour and for a lasting enhancement of the quality of our local environment.

Obtaining and sowing wild seeds is the key process that makes this transformation a possibility, but it is not all that is required to make it happen. At Emorsgate we distribute the seeds that are the key to unlocking diversity, we also set out to offer all the guidance, advice and other services we can to make sowing wild seeds a success.

Quality results are obtained by matching the seeds chosen to the site conditions and objectives for each site. We offer a recommended range of mixtures and species appropriate to most commonly occurring soils and circumstances. Beyond this we offer an advice and design service to enable to you to specify custom mixtures tailored to your particular location and budget. For projects with priority conservation based objectives we offer advice and services that open avenues to using locally collected seed or seed obtained from similar matched habitats. These services include local seed stock collection, contract wild seed harvesting  and contract seed growing from donor habitats.

The ultimate reward from using native wild origin seeds adapted to the British climate in planting schemes based on naturally occurring plant communities is that they are sustainable. If you sow the right seed, and make use of our advice and services in the application and management of your site you can achieve results which can last indefinitely! We have Emorsgate customers who have made use of our advice for 25 years as proof.