Ordering Information

The pages in this section contain supplementary information which may help you as you navigate and browse our site, and when placing an order.

To browse and buy seeds of individual wild flower and grass species, seed mixtures and tools first locate the item page of the product you wish to buy by navigating through the appropriate product category pages or using the search facility (box top left on each page).  For mixtures if you know the mixture code you can use the right hand sidebar short-cuts on the mixture homepage.

Once you have located each item you require you can place your order from that page from the ordering box (usually located at the foot of each product page).

To keep things as simple as possible our prices do include post an packaging for most mainland UK destinations.

More information on ordering from Emorsgate, our delivery policy and seed availability can be found in the associated pages within this section and will be referred back to where relevant as you progress through the site (no need to read it now!)

We appreciate that the range of options and choices we offer on our website, with all the associated advice, is quite complex.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help navigating through the various options. If you email us a summary of what you are looking for we can point you in the right direction.

Please note that we have a minimum order cost of £20.