Ground Preparation

Good ground preparation is the best way to maximise the number of seeds that successfully make the precarious journey from germination to mature plant.

Before sowing wild flower seeds the most important tasks are:

  • to create space by removing unwanted vegetation and 'weeds' which may compromise results
  • to create conditions in which seedlings can establish and grow


In practice there are two main routes to establishing wild seeds and mixtures:

Sowing into bare soil cleared of vegetation

Generally the most successful way to establish wild flowers and grasses from seed is to sow into a clean seedbed that has been first cleared of all weeds and other vegetation and then cultivated to produce optimum conditions for germination.

Sowing into gaps created in existing vegetation

Seed sown into gaps in existing vegetation will grow, but more slowly and less reliably as a result of competition from well established neighbours. Where site assessment reveals that the existing vegetation is worth preserving this approach, although slower, could be more appropriate.