Custom mixtures

Contact us with details of your scheme for advice and a quotation.

We are happy to advise you on your requirements using our 30 years experience of developing and refining seed mixture compositions.

We can advise you on composition, proportions (%s), balance and ecological suitability as well as practical issues of cost, availability and sowing rates. We can suggest mixtures based on ecological reports or surveys, wish lists or other general instructions, guidelines or objectives you send us.  Please try to include details of the area to be sown, or quantity of seed required.

Emorsgate's recommended range of seed mixtures have proven their worth over the last three decades. Hundreds of acres have been sown with our mixtures to produce flower rich results on a wide variety of soils and situations across Britain.  These mixture compositions are often useful as a starting point for developing your own specifications.

We recognise that our product range can never fully match the diversity of plant community types or species distributions that characterise the flora of the British Isles. Many customers do choose to develop their own specifications either by adding to our proprietary mixtures or by specifying their own species compositions.

We want you to have the best selection of seeds for your situation so are happy to assist you with this in any way we can.