Seed Availability

A guide to current availability can be found within the ordering box of each species page. This information is kept as up to date as possible but, as we also accept orders by post and other means, placement of an online order does not guarantee that we can supply. If there is a problem we will contact you to let you know without delay.

All seed is offered subject to availability and being unsold at the time of ordering. To be fair to all customers we do not generally accept reservations of seed stocks pending a future order. Stock can only be allocated to confirmed orders. We are happy to hold seed once purchased in our store until required.

County origin

To be certain that the wild flower and wild grass seed we offer for sale through our website and by mail order is genuinely wild we collect stock seed ourselves from wild plant populations around Britain. These stocks are then grown as seed crops on our farms in Norfolk and in Somerset.

We now hold a large collection of species collected from a wide range of sites and locations around Britain. Using this resource we aim to be able to offer representative forms and ecotypes of all the species we sell. The seeds we offer individually and in mixtures are as a result generally appropriate for sowing throughout the British Isles.

For each of the wild flower and grass species we list we also publish the county from which our main wild stock seed was first collected. Please note: this information is given as confirmation of their UK wild origin only: as our different stocks come and go the county origin of seed we send out can differ from that shown in our lists.

Unless we have specifically agreed to supply seed of particular county origin the seed we dispatch may differ from that published. (nb We never substitute wild flower seed with imported or cultivated varieties).

Seed supplied in individual species packets will have its correct county origin printed on its label. We do not itemise by county the origin of each species component within our seed mixtures.

Realistically, as seed growers, we can only ever hope to offer a very small fraction of the rich diversity that makes up British flora. We will never be in a position to offer, off the shelf, mixtures in which all the components are precisely matched to each individual location or habitat.

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Mixture composition

Emorsgate's wild flower mixtures are widely specified by landscape architects and other professionals and have proved their reliability over the last 30 years. For these reasons we make a great effort to maintain consistency over time in the composition of our standard seed mixtures.

Both demand and the availability of seed from our crops can vary considerably from season to season so occasional fine tuning of their composition is unavoidable. To ensure that our mixtures always deliver the results expected any revisions we do make are always done in a way which does retain a similar balance of species so as not to change its general performance, character or the outcome from sowing.

We publish the compositions of Emorsgate mixtures at the start of each year both in our printed catalogue and online, and we do our best to stick as close as we can to these recipes for the remainder of the year.

As the season progresses and stocks dwindle some fine tuning may be required:

  • Minor composition revisions that do not significantly affect the performance or result of a sowing will be dispatched with the seed without prior notice of change.
  • Any significant changes will be bought to the notice of customers before we dispatch an order.
  • Any permanent changes to mixture compositions will also be published on our website to which customer should refer for the most up-to date version.

For large mixture orders we would advise contacting us as we may need to quote to supply an amended version of the mixture to account for supply limitations.

If you are unsure, or have particular concerns relating to availability please do contact us.