About Us

Emorsgate Seeds was established in 1980 by Donald MacIntyre who was inspired to pioneer and promote the use of wild plant seeds to put into practice the knowledge he had gained academically. Donald has a degree in botany at Royal Holloway College, an MSc in plant genetics at Glasgow University, and has undertaken research in genetics, ecology and plant breeding.

Richard Brown joined us in 1990 following a first degree in botany at Liverpool University, an MSc in seed technology at The University of Edinburgh and commercial research and development in wild seed production. Richard now manages Emorsgate Seeds in Norfolk, where we have over 130 acres in wild seed crops.

Mark Schofield joined Emorsgate in 1995 following a degree in biology, work for the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, and experience in the landscape section of a local authority.

The Norfolk team is completed by Albert Hughes, Carl Cockle, Marc Bullock, Marion Robinson and Phil Wakefield in seed production and processing.

Jane Lipington, with a diploma from Kew, and following a career as a garden researcher, joined Donald MacIntyre at Bath, and together with Lindsay James and Laurie MacIntyre they manage farmland of which 30 acres is down to wild seed crops. The conditions in the west are not ideal for seed production, but the lime-rich stony soil does allow us to grow species less suited to the neutral silts of Norfolk.

We all hope that our wild seeds will give you at least as much pleasure as we have had from raising the crops through to harvest.