EG23 – Shade Tolerant Turfgrass Mixture


EG23 is composed of bent and fescue grasses with the addition of wood meadow-grass and rough-stalked meadow-grass. This combination of grasses gives fine structure combined with some tolerance of shade.


% Latin name Common name
15 Agrostis capillaris Common Bent
30 Festuca rubra Slender-creeping Red-fescue
30 Festuca rubra ssp. commutata Chewing's Fescue
15 Poa nemoralis Wood Meadow-grass
10 Poa trivialis Rough-stalked Meadow-grass

Sowing Rates

kg/ha kg/acre g/m2 Order Mixture
250 100 25 Order this mixture

Grasses do best in full sun and generally struggle to thrive in shade. As well as a simple lack of light, shaded areas frequently impose other stresses on grass such as drought caused by tree roots or the rain shadow of a building.

To give the grasses in EG23 the best chance it is important to take the following steps to reduce the impact of these additional stresses:

  • Do not mow the grass too short, especially during periods of prolonged dry or cold weather.
  • Avoid exposing the grass to wear and tear.
  • Do clear fallen leaves in the autumn.

In periods of drought, some dieback of grass is likely. Watering is one possible solution to this but is often unsustainable. In some years it may be necessary to reseed badly affected areas at the end of the season.

Moss grows well in shade and benefits from the reduced vigour and competition from grass. Unless you are trying to maintain a top quality lawn (against the odds in shade) it is probably best to accept the moss to a large degree. Moss can be kept in check to some extent by raking. This is best done at a time when the grass is growing well (eg spring) so that the grass quickly recovers and grows into the gaps created by moss removal. Feeding the lawn can help by boosting the vigour of the grass, but the use of artificial fertilisers is not something we advise, even for lawns.

In deeper shade it may prove impossible to maintain a reasonable regularly mown sward. In this situation it might be better to opt for a more informal and open vegetation structure and sow a woodland mixture of grasses, perhaps with wildflowers, like EW1. In very deep shade, such as you find under yew or beech trees, very little can be grown with the exception, perhaps, of ivy or spring bulbs.


You can order any quantity of this mixture from 0.1kg up to 500kg. Please contact us if you require more.

nb: 1000g = 1kg, 100g = 0.1kg

Prices include p&p to most mainland destinations, more on delivery charges.


£/100kg £780.00
£/10kg £84.00
£/1kg £12.00
£/100g £5.00


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