ER1 – Turf roof mixture


This wild flower and grass mixture is suitable for sowing green roof schemes where a turf of grasses with wild flowers is the desired end point.

Wild Flowers

% Latin name Common name
0.5 Agrimonia eupatoria Agrimony
1 Anthyllis vulneraria Kidney Vetch
0.2 Armeria maritima Thrift (Sea Pink)
1 Betonica officinalis - (Stachys officinalis) Betony
0.5 Calluna vulgaris Ling - (Common Heather)
0.5 Euphrasia officinalis Eyebright
1 Filipendula vulgaris Dropwort
2 Galium verum Lady's Bedstraw
0.2 Hippocrepis comosa Horseshoe Vetch
0.2 Leontodon hispidus Rough Hawkbit
0.2 Linum bienne Pale Flax
1.2 Lotus corniculatus Birdsfoot Trefoil
1 Lysimachia arvensis - (Anagallis arvensis) Scarlet Pimpernel
0.5 Matricaria chamomilla - (Matricaria recutita) Scented Mayweed
1.5 Origanum vulgare Wild Marjoram
1.5 Papaver rhoeas Common Poppy
2.5 Poterium sanguisorba - (Sanguisorba minor) Salad Burnet
2.5 Prunella vulgaris Selfheal
1 Rumex acetosella Sheep's Sorrel
1 Silene uniflora Sea Campion


% Latin name Common name
4 Briza media Quaking Grass (w)
0.2 Carex flacca Glaucous Sedge
20 Cynosurus cristatus Crested Dogstail
24 Festuca ovina Sheep's Fescue
24 Festuca rubra Slender-creeping Red-fescue
2 Koeleria macrantha Crested Hair-grass (w)
4.6 Phleum bertolonii Smaller Cat's-tail (w)
1.2 Trisetum flavescens Yellow Oat-grass (w)

Sowing Rates

kg/ha kg/acre g/m2 Order Mixture
40 16 4 Order this mixture

Growing guide


Create or construct a suitable growing bed that is free of weeds, has reasonable texture and structure and can retain moisture. A minimum depth of 75mm of a substrate with some nutrient and moisture holding capacity will be required to support grass growth.  A greater depth and/or irrigation may be needed in drier regions. (more)


Seed is best sown in the autumn or spring but can be sown at other times of the year if there is sufficient warmth and moisture. On shallow growing medium irrigation may be needed to maintain establishment through dry periods.  The seed must be surface sown: do not incorporate or cover the seed. Bulk up the seed with an inert carrier such as sand to make distribution easier. (more on sowing)


The requirement for aftercare will vary from scheme to scheme. Some will need minimal maintenance, perhaps only occasional tidying cuts for aesthetic reasons. Living roofs with reasonable growing conditions will produce growth that is likely to need annual maintenance for best results. This gardening will involve weeding and mowing along the lines of grassland aftercare.

ER1 is a complete mix composed of 20% native wild flowers and 80% slow growing grasses (by weight). The flower and grass components are also available to order separately: ER1F the flower component may be sown alone where no grasses are required or sown with the grass component EG6 at a reduced rate.



You can order any quantity of this mixture from 0.1kg up to 20kg. Please contact us if you require more.

nb: 1000g = 1kg, 100g = 0.1kg

Prices include p&p to most mainland destinations, more on delivery charges.


£/100kg £6,160.00
£/10kg £644.00
£/1kg £70.00
£/100g £8.00


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