Wild harvested meadow mixtures


Emorsgate currently offers a number of wild harvested meadow mixtures brush harvested directly from species rich grassland. These include a number of Coronation Meadow sites, including the Royal Meadows at Highgrove, and Clattinger meadows.

Seed or green hay harvested directly from species rich ancient meadows is one of the most direct ways to obtain a selection of matched species, all of local or regional origin, and all coming directly from a wild semi-natural donor site. These mixtures are ideal for conservation and restoration projects where provenance is among the top priorities.

Cricklade brush harvesting 2017

The composition of direct harvested mixtures is completely dependent on the quality of the donor meadow and the range of seeds available at the time of harvest. The species composition supplied to recipient sites will be “as harvested” and, as such, less predictable and more variable compared to standard mixtures blended to a recipe.


SKU Name £/100kg £/10kg £/1kg £/100g
EM11 Cricklade North Meadow Mixture £7,290.00 £810.00 £90.00 £12.00
EM18 St Catherine Mixture (limestone grassland) £6,480.00 £720.00 £80.00 £12.00
EM31 Clattinger Meadows Mixture - £900.00 £100.00 £12.00
EM32 The Royal Meadows Highgrove Mixture £8,100.00 £900.00 £100.00 £12.00
EM34 General Purpose Brush Harvested Meadow Mixture £5,500.00 £612.00 £68.00 £12.00
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