Wetland and Pond

These mixtures are for soils that are permanently wet, or seasonally under water, and situations at the edge of ponds streams and ditches.

Meadow mixtures for wetlands

Mixtures for seasonally or occasionally wet areas.

SKU Name £/100kg £/10kg £/1kg £/100g
EG8 Meadow grass mixture for wet soils £2,754.00 £306.00 £34.00 £12.00
EM8 Meadow mixture for wetlands £6,156.00 £684.00 £76.00 £12.00
EM8F Wild flowers for wetlands - £2,052.00 £228.00 £25.10

Pond edge mixtures

Mixtures for frequently wet soil.

SKU Name £/100kg £/10kg £/1kg £/100g
EP1 Pond Edge Mixture - £774.00 £86.00 £12.00
EP1F Wild flowers for pond edges - £2,502.00 £278.00 £30.60

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Wetland and Pond