Other Mixtures

Grouped here are mixtures consisting of amenity and agricultural cultivars that may be used to create fine lawns, hard wearing paths, or old fashioned grazing pasture.

Amenity grass mixtures

The amenity grass mixtures EG21 and EG22 are recommended for conventional landscaping use. Throughout, we have tried to select species and varieties which are adapted to our climate, are compatible for sowing alongside our other seed mixtures, and will not need inputs of artificial fertilisers or chemicals.

SKU Name £/100kg £/10kg £/1kg £/100g
EG21 Fine Lawn Grass Mixture £840.00 £90.00 £12.00 £5.00
EG22 Strong Lawn Grass Mixture £750.00 £84.00 £12.00 £5.00

Grazing mixtures

The three grazing mixtures we offer are based on descriptions taken from Victorian seed merchants’ catalogues. Traditional grazing mixtures contain a much wider range of grasses and herbs than modern ley mixtures, making them ideally suited to low input extensive grazing systems and for ‘amenity grazing’ such as in country parks and pony paddocks.

SKU Name £/100kg £/10kg £/1kg £/100g
EG26 Standard Old Fashioned Grazing Mixture £750.00 £84.00 £12.00 £5.00
EG27 Special Old Fashioned Grazing Mixture £980.00 £112.00 £14.00 £5.00

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Other Mixtures